TECNOCREO SRL is an engineering company born from the synergy of skills and professionalism acquired over years of experience by bringing together a group of consultants of different academic background and professional role.

TECNOCREO SRL operates throughout the national territory in sectors such as the environment, civil works, engineering and architecture.

Thanks to the know-how acquired and the experience gained, it provides multidisciplinary services and integrated solutions for all the phases that characterize the entire life cycle of a project “.

It is also able to prepare specifications and technical specifications to assist customers in the evaluation and selection of contractors. TECNOCREO SRL can also take on the role of construction management during the execution of the works. Our team of professionals is able to support both private and non-private customers, during all the construction phases of the construction site, with a regular presence and regular checks on site, producing, on request, all the documents and graphical documents necessary for the organization and the management of the site itself.

In the case of public clients, TECNOCREO SRL is able to provide assistance to the person in charge of the procedure in the preparation of the tender documents.

TECNOCREO SRL offers its own qualified support for the purpose of valorising properties, for residential, commercial, production, country houses or holidays. We support those with technical needs during a sale, a lease, a new construction. TECNOCREO SRL processes from simple communications to the SCIAs, from DIAs to building permits, from assessments of compliance in regularization to GONIP practices and fire prevention practices.


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