Architecture Engineering

Thanks to our in-house team of experts and the use of the Building Information Modeling (BIM), TECNOCREO S.R.L. deals with the design, from planning to executive and construction phases. The Company is able to carry out all project activities required to the obtaining of the permission for works, including relationship management with control units, provision of specifications and technical specifications, assessment and choice of contractors. TECNOCREO S.R.L. can assume the role of construction management during remediation and construction. For public commission, the Company is able to assist the person in charge of the procedure as part of the provision of procurement documents.
The Company processes and submits all authorizations in urban and environmental field, and it also carries out the role of technical advisor for the enhancement of property with different intended uses. The team of collaborators can support individuals and not, during construction phases producing, on request, all necessary documents and working drawings. It also tracks and intervenes to protect the 3 key elements of each construction site: quality of the built, respect of the times and certainty in cost.
Thanks to the skills and certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:205, UNI EN ISO 14001:205 and UNI ISO 54001:2018, it deals on behalf of Public Authorities of Design Verification for the purpose of Validation according to the Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent modifications and additions.


TECNOCREO S.R.L. provides technical and administrative support to infrastructure projects, production plants and large projects, managing to
combine technicalities with environmental
and social aspects.
All of that thanks to a consolidated experience in procedures and methodologies for analysis, quantification and estimation of impacts

Deals with:


Thanks to the experience in construction, management and maintenance of technological infrastructure, TECNOCREO has a know-how that allows it to work in the challenging world of DIGITAL DIVIDE.It is in fact able to carry out an assignment of: PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PMO) DESIGN Thanks to experts in the field of telecommunications, the Company supports the client in the design and planning of wireless telecommunications networks of the latest generation. Engineers, with appropriate software, measuring equipment and detention tools, develop PREPARAZIONE RADIO SOSTENIBILE for the development of the client’s infrastructure and specifically.

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TECNOCREO SRL provides consulting and assistance to ensure the improvement of occupational security levels over time and implement measures. It draws up operational safety plans (POS) and safety coordination plans (PSC) for companies that work on site in accordance with Article 32 in the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008. The Company provides consultancy services concerning:

Deals with:

Life Cycle Assessment

The implementation of a company management system will enable to map, monitor and optimize organizational processes within the company, it will also allow you to enhance its
competitiveness on the market. TECNOCREO S.R.L. provides highly specialized consultancy services for the implementation of management systems
within the company to obtain and maintain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.

The Company is able to design and implement Environmental Management Systems in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and the EC regulation 761/2001 (EMAS).
It is also able to provide consulting activities and professional technical support to laboratories intending to proceed to the
ACCREDIA accreditation in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 and ACCREDIA applicable documents.
It deals with:

Deals with:

Research and Innovation

TECNOCREO can support companies in developing new products, services, technologies, laboratory prototype and deepen the applicability and specific benefits. All of this is thanks to collaborations with technological centres, Universities and research centres, in the stimulating context of smart factory. It supports companies throughout the process that transforms ideas in products ready to enter the market.

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Ecological Transition

The ecological transition is a process and needs transitional instruments that are able to meet the needs of the community at all stages of the process, especially in the energy sector. The process of technological innovation to achieve a change in our society taking into account compliance with the criteria for environmental sustainability.

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TECNOCREO S.R.L. carries out consultancy activities in the filed of REACH, CLP, SDS and dangerous goods transport.
It supports companies in the registration of substances in accordance with the requirements of Regulation, supporting both those who produce or impor substances,
mixtures or articles, and those who formulate the above chemicals (Downstream User)


During manifestations and events, TECNOCREO S.R.L. is able to design an organizational model of integrated security. Preparing contingency and evacuation planning, employing specially trained operators, creating connections to emergency facilities and setting up rescue areas. It is able to provide information, regulations and procedures for emergency management, dealing with:

Deals with:

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