Engineering and architecture

TECNOCREO S.R.L. deals with design, from planning to executive and construction phases, with the internal team of specialists and the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Is able to carry out all the design activities necessary for obtaining the authorization for the execution of the works, including management of relations with control bodies. The design and execution of engineering projects are entrusted to our trained and qualified teams for specific skills.

Customer trust



Design and planning

It can also take on the role of Construction Supervisor during the reclamation and construction interventions. For public clients, it is able to assist the person in charge of the procedure in preparing the tender documents. It elaborates and presents all the authorization applications in the urban and environmental fields, and plays the role of technical advisor for the enhancement of properties with different intended uses. The team of collaborators can support private and non-private individuals during all phases of the construction site, producing, upon request, all the necessary documents and technical drawings, monitoring and intervening to protect the 3 key elements of each construction site: quality of the built, respect of deadlines, certainty of costs.

Ma grazie alle competenze ed alla certificazioni UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 e UNI ISO  45001:2018 si occupa per conto di Pubbliche  Amministrazioni della Verifica dellaProgettazione  ai fini della Validazione ai sensi del D.Lgs. 50/2016 e s.m.



A consolidated experience in procedures and methodologies for the analysis, estimation and quantification of impacts, TECNOCREO S.R.L. provides administrative technical support on infrastructure projects, major works and production sites, managing to combine the technical aspects with the environmental and social ones.

Assistance in the regulatory framework phases

Support in the procedural process and with institutions

All environmental technical documents

Environmental consultancy

It takes care of the preparation and execution of environmental monitoring , takes care of the approval process at the competent bodies and coordinates with the chemical analysis laboratories.
It designs reclamation interventions for the recovery of land and aquifers. It carries out technical consultancy for public and private entities involved in the implementation or planning of similar interventions.



Thanks to the experience in the construction, management and maintenance of technological infrastructures, the company has a know-how that allows it to work in the challenging world of DIGITAL DIVIDE . It is in fact able to carry out tasks of: PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PMO) DESIGN.

Design e Digital Divide

Specialists in the field of telecommunications, it supports the customer in the design and planning of the latest generation wireless telecommunications networks .
With suitable software and measurement and detection tools, engineers develop sustainable radio preparation for the development of the customer’s infrastructure.

Management Systems

The implementation of a business management system allows you to map, monitor and optimize the organizational processes within the company and increase its competitiveness on the market. Thanks to the assistance of expert technicians, the company offers highly specialized consulting services for the adoption of management systems to maintain certifications including UNI ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.


We offer highly specialized consulting services for the implementation in the company of management systems aimed at obtaining and maintaining quality certification
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. Is able to design and implement Environmental Management Systems in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 Standard and EC Regulation 761/2001 (EMAS). </ strong >

The Company is also able to offer professional advice and technical support to Laboratories that intend to proceed with ACCREDIA accreditation in accordance with the standard
UNI CEI / EN ISO 17025: 2005 and the applicable ACCREDIA documents.

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Research and Innovation

In the stimulating context of an intelligent factory, thanks to collaborations with technological centers, universities and research centers, TECNOCREO can support companies in the development of new products, services, technologies, laboratory prototypes < / b> and investigate the applicability and specific benefits. It supports companies throughout the process that transforms ideas into products for services ready to enter the market.

Ideas and technology


Ecological Transition

A profound change to achieve the country’s green, ecological and inclusive transition by promoting the circular economy, the development of renewable energy sources and agriculture
more sustainable. Simplify the authorization procedures for renewable energy, increasing its presence in the country, including the launch of hydrogen-based solutions for frontier research, production and use in industry and transport.

Circular economy and waste management

Sources of renewable energy and development of solutions

Environmental sustainability



TECNOCREO carries out consultancy activities in the field of REACH, CLP, SDS and transport of dangerous goods. In this regard, it supports companies in the registration of substances according to the requirements of the regulation, assisting both the companies that manufacture or import substances, mixtures or articles, both those who formulate the aforementioned chemicals (Downstream User).

Specialized consultancy



Consultancy and assistance to ensure the improvement of occupational safety levels over time and the implementation of measures. Draws up Safety Operational Plans (POS) and Safety Coordination Plans (PSC) for companies operating on site pursuant to art. 32 of the Legislative Decree n. 81/2008

Advice and assistance on the job


Great Events

During events TECNOCREO S.R.L. is able to design an organizational model of integrated security.

Integrated security

Prepare emergency and evacuation plans, employ specially trained operators, create connections to emergency response facilities and set up spaces for rescue, because it is able to provide information , rules and procedures for emergency management.


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