Innovative Technological Systems Networked with Industry 4.0 for an Eco-sustainable Tanning

The ISTRICE project aims to structure a proactive monitoring system of the environmental performance of the tannery, creating a real-time control network of energy and water consumption, of the air quality of work environments and of water and air discharges.


This control system consisting of an advanced and customized IoT system for the tannery, will consist of a network of appropriate sensors, managed by a software platform that gives the company a complete view of its environmental performance, which can be correlated with the specific lots of items produced. This platform will also serve as a diagnostic tool aimed not only at monitoring, but also at the optimization of the various process phases, managing to intervene on specific critical issues that may arise thanks to real-time monitoring.


INERGEST SRL (LEADER): SW house, will be responsible for developing the software platform for managing the environmental performance of the tannery.

TECNOCREO SRL: An engineering company expert in various sectors of civil, hydraulic, environmental and telecommunications engineering, the project will be responsible for carrying out environmental impact studies and LCA.

AGE SCIENTIFIC SRL: Electronic engineering company, which will develop the IoT system with the sensor network in the tannery.

KRAUSS SRL: Chemical products company for tanning, which will select the appropriate raw materials for the development of biodegradable leather.

CONCERIA SETTEBELLO SpA: Tannery that will be responsible for validating the IoT system and the related environmental performance management platform.


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