Grandi infrastrutture

Conoscenze, qualità ed esperienza di tutti i suoi collaboratori, all’interno di un’ottica condivisa in cui lo sviluppo risulta fondamentale. 


Sviluppo e pianificazione

Integrated design

​We are the ideal partner for large infrastructure projects.  We deal with integrated design by developing design aspects from architectural, plant and structural design. In the planning phase we take care of all aspects related to environmental impacts and prevention works.  The execution of engineering projects is entrusted to our trained and qualified teams with specific skills. The analysis of the issues, the resolution of design issues coming to the final construction site procedures for the realization of the works

​Specialist design 
The competence and experience allow us to conceive extremely performing and functional solutions.








Innovazione e consuelnza


We also deal with safety aspects in the workplace, managing in an integrated manner both the environmental aspects and those relating to the quality of construction activities. The team of professionals is able to support private and not during all phases of life of a construction site.  In addition to the planning and assistance activities, the company supports the Customer with services aimed at verifying the operating status of the works and the technical and economic feasibility.



  • Design
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Permitting
  • Concept e Masterplan
  • ​ Consulenza ambientale (Studi ambientali, autorizzazioni ambientali)
  • Surveys
  • Electric design
  • Executive graphic works and modifies during works
  • Accounting works
  • Works management and assistance
  • ​2d e 3d modelling
  • Environmental Monitoring
    - anthropic sector: atmosphere, noise, vibration;
    - water sector: surface and groundwater;
    - natural sector: vegetation, soil and fauna;
    - - physical planning of the territory: slope stability;
    - landscape: archaeological, architectural and landscape heritage.
  • Assunzione incarichi CSP/CSE
  • Samples

Some of the most representative projects in the sector

Interventi di ingegneria S.R.T. 69

Ponte sul fiume Arno

SRT436 Della Francesca



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