Responsabile ambientale monitoraggio

Ponte Albiano Magra

Responsible for Environmental Monitoring in progress and post construction relatively to the intervention: “S.S.330 – Lavori di ricostruzione del ponte sul fiume Magra al km 10+422 – STRALCIO 2 – Executive design of the new bridge and the new complementary works” the activity of the Responsible for Environmental Monitoring it will be implemented during “The reconstruction works of the bridge on the Magra river km 10+422”.
Management of a GIS through the technology of the software GIS, it allows to conduct an environmental analysis of critical elements and insistent potentialities in the territory.




Sustainability of processes

  • ​Environmental Monitoring and Monitoring:
    - anthropic sector: atmosphere, noise, vibration;
    - water sector: surface and groundwater;
    - natural sector: vegetation, soil and fauna;
    - physical planning of the territory: slope stability;
  • Rilievi

Object of study through:

  • the construction of the analytical spatial framework,
  • the definition of project objectives,
  • monitoring of the methods of implementation and management of design choices, functional to identify disconnections and implement appropriate intermediate corrective actions, so as to increase the level of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of processes;
  • ex-post evaluation of the results obtained in terms of efficiency of processes and actual benefits for the territory

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