Sviluppo di reti wireless

Design of

fibra ottica

Documentation necessary and sufficient to assess and issue specific permits for the preparation and installation of new lines for fiber optic communication channels, the technical staff in charge is directly responsible for exporting the Fibre tracks from the source SHP (Shape) format to DFX so that they can be processed and modified by Autocad, then proceeding to the import of any possible constraint so as to be able to request the relevant permits, if necessary. 

Maxxi Egineers

Network Design & Planning

  • Permitting
  • Final design - executive design
  • Consulting
  • Construction supervision
  • Project Management 
  • Planning
  • Safety coordination in the implementation phase
  • Analysis of electromagnetic impact
  • Census of areas of interest
  • Metric calculations

In the preparation of all the technical documentation relating to the individual projects, the templates agreed with the various bodies are used to complete the technical tables, the intervention reports and the requests, which will be transmitted through the channels indicated (i.e PEC and/or one-stop shop). We provide qualified advice to operators and builders of TLC networks, supporting them in the design, sizing and optimization of their network. Thanks to many years of experience gained in the field both in the field of Radio (GSM, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE, 5G) and fiber (FTTH, FTTC) we are able to study and apply to networks in continuous evolution new features, with the aim of allowing end users to experience better performance of voice and data services.  Through our technicians, oriented to the planning, design, optimization and analysis of wireless telephony networks and fiber optic design, Tecnocreo has consolidated experience on all radio channel access technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) operates in the planning and design of transport networks. Our Core Network consulting services characterize our new line of services offered to our customers.

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